Workshop equipment “Made in Germany”

Optimally equipped with testing technology from ATT Nussbaum

No matter whether it is motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses or tractors. Virtually all types of motor vehicles must by law be inspected regularly to make sure the brake system is functioning correctly. And that’s all over the world. ATT Nussbaum Prüftechnik offers a wide range of excellent, robust and easy-to-use brake testers for every type of vehicle, every weight class and every kind of usage. Our brake tester program naturally fulfills the current legal requirements, is compatible with the ASA network and operates the ASA livestream for smooth exchange of data between devices and test software. Many of our models include automatic detection of all-wheel drive vehicles as well as robust, durable coatings on driving surfaces and roller sets as part of their equipment range. To display measurement results, such as redundancy, minimum deceleration and brake force distribution for each individual wheel by the operational and parking brakes, we offer various visual representation options depending on the model.  


Workshop equipment “Made in Germany”

Testing technology

The testing technology market is constantly in motion, and the demands on dealers, manufacturers and workshops are growing steadily.

To meet these requirements, as a result of our strategic considerations we have spun off the testing technology division of Otto Nußbaum GmbH Co. KG into an independent company as of 1 December 2016.



ATT Nussbaum Prüftechnik GmbH will independently perform the functions of the testing technology division, from development to sales, thus fully meeting the needs of the market and the business.


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