Headlight tester

Headlight testers for all needs

Legislation has significantly tightened the requirements for headlight testing: The installation surfaces of the headlight setting testing device and the contact surfaces of the vehicles now form a system during the testing that must be precisely matched to one another. The legislator requires the observance of small tolerances for the measuring station as well as the installation surface of the test device.

ATT solves this problem with an innovative, horizontally and vertically adaptable guide rail system. This serves as the basis for setting up the tester.

For the legally compliant vehicle contact surface, the most suitable option is a lifting platform, e.g. a scissor lift or a four-post lift from Nussbaum. Advantage of the combination of SEP and lifting platform: the self-levelling platforms serve as wheel alignment platforms and can be upgraded with a play detector integrated at road level as a complete test lane for vehicle reception.

Our headlight testers meet all the requirements of modern testing technology. All systems are capable of testing filament, halogen, xenon and LED light. Ergonomic design and robust construction guarantee workshop operators a long, trouble-free service life.

Our HLT 100 digital headlight tester is the latest generation, CMOS camera-based and allows testing of halogen, xenon, bi-xenon, LED and Bi-LED light sources. 

Digital Headlight tester with CMOS camera for Halogen, Xenon, Bi-Xenon, LED, Bi-LED