BT 610 Visio - rear roller raised

Nr.: 0986400C84A

PC based brake tester for trucks up to 13 t

Roller brake tester for trucks (one test speed), test load max. 13 t, measurable wheel diameter up to 1,400 mm.
With the Visio variant you can pre-program the positions, number of axles and the corresponding brake systems, graphically display and evaluate the test results. The test results can be archived together with the customer data in a database. The test stand can also be integrated into the existing network.

Automatic switch-on - adjustable start-up time. Automatic restart - adjustable start-up time. Star/delta start-up, start-up blocking protection, roller set hot-dip galvanised, roller coating plastic corundum.

VISIO, motor below, rear roller raised


Technical data
Motor power (kW)2 x 9
Rear rollerfloor level
Testing speedsingle

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