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That’s why we would rather let our clients speak for us. Of course, we are convinced that we design and build the best, most precise, longest-lasting, most user-friendly and most efficient testing devices for workshops, and we also offer the best advice and service. But as we said: We have a lot to say. That’s why we would rather our customers have their say at this point. They are a little ahead of you. They already have experience with our expert advice, our technology and our service. If you don’t just want to hear it only from us, you can read here how our customers evaluate our advice, our technology and our service.


ATT manufactures the first BT 842 agricultural universal test stand for Feick Landtechnik

Hans Pfuhl, Managing Director of Feick GmbH, comments: "Our new agricultural universal test stand now allows us a highly efficient, close timing of the testing processes in our company. We create considerably more orders in a shorter time with half as many personnel. And: we know that we don't have to fear any failures. ATT Nussbaum's service covers the entire project planning, from installation to maintenance. But the test engineers are also pleased with the significantly simplified and reliable test procedure: The process control via the Rugged-Netbook simplifies the control of the overall vehicle and shortens the test sequence."

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