Innovative PTI Technology

Anything you need for periodic technical monitoring of vehicles

Worldwide almost every type of motor vehicle must be inspected for road safety and compliance at regular intervals in accordance with the wishes of the respective legislators.

ATT Nussbaum Prüftechnik offers you a wide range of excellent, robust and easy-to-use test equipment for periodic testing of every vehicle type, weight class and purpose. Compliance with country-specific legal requirements is certified by appropriate homologations.

Trust our technical competence and the outstanding ATT product quality. This is 'made in Germany' and is oriented to the high demands of our customers at home and abroad.



Excellent Engineering 'made in Germany'

ATT and Nussbaum

The testing technology market is constantly in motion, and the demands on dealers, manufacturers and workshops are growing steadily.

To meet these requirements, as a result of our strategic considerations we have spun off the testing technology division of Otto Nußbaum GmbH Co. KG into an independent company as of 1 December 2016.



ATT Nussbaum Prüftechnik GmbH will independently perform the functions of the testing technology division, from development to sales, thus fully meeting the needs of the market and the business.


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